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Post by Neoyosh on Sat Feb 21, 2015 5:17 pm

This Fourm does not allow:

- Aggressive or slanderous messages, as well as personal insults and critics, the coarseness and vulgarities, and more generally any message contravening the French laws are prohibited.
- Messages who promote - or evoke - illegal practices are prohibited.
- If you post informations which come from another site, look first if the site in question doesn't forbid it. Show the address of the site in question in order to respect the work of their administrators!
- Please post your messages only once. The repetitions are unpleasant and useless!
- Please make an effort on grammar and spelling. SMS-style language (ex: r u sk8ing?) is not advised!
-Please don't "Mini-mod". This means doing the Moderator's job of telling off those who break the rules. Just report the user to a mod with evidence and we'll handle it!
-Keep the RPs appropriate, nothing more than you may see in a 15+film.
-Having multiple accounts is prohibited.

Failure to comply with the rules may mean your account is banned or suspended for a period of time.

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